The most delicious Crepes & Pancakes in Bucharest

Madame B is a Tea & Pancake House in Bucharest, Romania. Whether you want some classic crepes or you are craving for some delicious pancakes, each of them is the result of a process made with passion and dedication.

Madame B is the best place in Bucharest where you can find the most delicious pancakes for a sweet breakfast or brunch. The respect for the quality of the final product comes from the ingredients Madame B chooses, and the recipes are simple, precisely to find the balance and taste of each component on the plate.


The intimate atmosphere is complemented by a selection of relaxing music meant to bring people together. The pleasant atmosphere at Madame B is one of the reasons why the customers choose to come with their family or friends, to enjoy together the most delicious pancakes in Bucharest.

Splaiul Unirii nr 49, București
Contact: 0746 030 670

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