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Visit Bucharest Today!

Bucharest is Romania’s Capital city.

It is unique in a way that goes beyond the usual travel description. With its eclectic, noisy and confusing look and mixed Western-Balkan atmosphere, once known as The Little Paris, Bucharest is one of Europe’s most authentic capitals. By living and working in Bucharest, we noticed that the locals, used to the city, pass by the magnificent urban landscapes without even noticing or paying attention to them. That was when the idea of Visit Bucharest Today was born - a platform and a mobile app to be used both by the locals and (mostly) by the travel addicts coming to our beautiful Capital city. The team who developed the whole concept is a truly dedicated group of young people in love with Bucharest.

Downtown Bucharest fountains


Visit Bucharest Today! offers to all the people who visit Romania’s capital a travel platform which presents in a unique and interactive manner Bucharest attractions, but also offers the possibility to make reservations online. Moreover, the related mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play, thus having an additional possibility to enjoy the city attractions at a tap of your fingertips


From nice stories about the coolest places in Bucharest to the most interesting museums and from the best events to attend to the recommended shopping places in the city, our platform helps the tourists make the most out of any trip or city break to Bucharest, a capital which continues to redefine itself, merging its centuries old history with a modern identity.

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Tourists are free to choose from historical and cultural attractions, art shows, taking a walk in the parks or going to the museums, going to concerts, parties and many more local experiences, all presented on, in our opinion, one of the nicest travel platforms dedicated to a capital City.



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