Coffee Shops & Tea Houses

Although the city has a lot of attractions, exploring the cafe scene is one of the best things to do in Bucharest. With hints of our communist history still lingering in the city’s architecture, specialty coffee is eye catching, contrasting the very nature of the gray, washed buildings that dominate the busy boulevards. Like so many nations around the world, Romanians have borrowed their coffee culture from the Italians. Did you know that the coffee scene in Bucharest is actually one of the best in Europe?


Bucharest surprises many first-time visitors with its cosmopolitan vibe and energy. Bucharest’s restaurants and bars have multiplied in the last two decades. Bucharest has over 3,400 restaurants, bars and cafes. Traditional Romanian food has mingled with world cuisine, giving rise to creative menus at affordable prices.

Night Clubs

Bucharest is becoming a hub for newer generations eager to experience the night time chills and thrills. Fresh bars and clubs are popping everywhere these days. Whether you want to party until dawn, listen to some live music, or just have a decent drink to soothe your soul, Bucharest is the perfect place for you.

Herastrau Park


The capital enjoys many parks, some with a long history, others from the communist period, all loved by Bucharest residents in both the hot and cold seasons. In recent years, the authorities took care of the green spaces, which have begun to become more and more popular.


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