Art Galleries in Bucharest


Bucharest art galleries are some of the fascinating places to visit in the capital city of Romania. Art lovers worldwide come and admire unique and valuable artwork right in the city's heart, and this is what art is about: satisfying its admirers.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, an art collector, or simply looking for inspiration, Bucharest has plenty of galleries to delight you. Here are some of the best art galleries in Bucharest that you should not miss while in the city.

Artmark Art Gallery

Artmark Art Gallery combines contemporary art with auction house activities. The gallery displays various artwork, including paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and antiques. The gallery presents the works of both local and foreign artists, fostering a vibrant and exciting environment for collectors and art enthusiasts.

Moreover, Artmark Gallery hosts auctions, allowing art lovers to acquire and sell art pieces. These auctions draw collectors worldwide, offer a unique chance to find emerging artists and acquire rare and priceless art pieces.

The Artmark Art Gallery provides cultural events and activities that support art and artists in addition to its exhibitions and auctions. These occasions range from lectures and workshops to fundraising sales and cultural initiatives that aid up-and-coming performers and cultural institutions.

Sometimes, you can find Salvador Dali's artwork or Pablo Picasso's paintings exposed at the gallery:

Artmark Art Gallery is a must-go location for everyone interested in modern art and auction events. Its distinctive mix of exhibitions, auctions, and cultural events makes it a bustling and exciting environment for art enthusiasts and collectors.

Besides, at Artmark, you can admire the fantastic art pieces daily between 10 am and 8 pm.

Galateca Art Gallery

Galateca Art Gallery is a modern art gallery in Bucharest that exhibits the creations of local and foreign artists. Since its inauguration in 2011, the gallery has established itself as one of the city's top cultural institutions.

The exhibitions at Galateca are carefully organized, emphasizing modern and contemporary art, design, and fashion. They include a variety of mediums, from sculptures and paintings to installations and video art. The gallery aims to expose a larger audience to cutting-edge and provocative work and support and promote up-and-coming artists.

Galateca Art Gallery also conducts workshops, presentations, and other cultural events that interact with the neighbourhood and foster a dynamic and lively atmosphere, in addition to its exhibitions. The gallery's events give artists, designers, and other cultural workers a stage to present their creations and ideas to a larger audience.

The emphasis on design and fashion at Galateca distinguishes it from other galleries in Bucharest. Furniture, lighting, and other design items that blur the lines between art and usefulness are displayed in the gallery's designated area for design exhibitions. Galateca further conducts fashion-related occasions like runway displays and exhibitions featuring up-and-coming fashion designers' creations.

Galateca Art Gallery is a must-visit place for anybody interested in modern art, design, and fashion. It is a distinctive and stimulating location in Bucharest's cultural scene because of its inventive and dynamic approach to art. Galateca is a terrific place to explore and find new artists and designers, whether you're a collector, an art enthusiast, or just interested in the local art scene.

The gallery can be visited from Monday to Friday between 12 am and 8 pm, and Saturday between 11 am and 7 pm.

Galeria Artelor - Arts Gallery at Military Circle

The Military Circle's Arts Gallery is a unique cultural institution located in the heart of Bucharest. Founded in 1923, the gallery is housed in a beautiful building initially built as a gathering place for military officers. Today, the gallery is a popular destination for art enthusiasts and collectors, showcasing a diverse range of artworks by both Romanian and international artists.

The location of the Military Circle Arts Gallery is one of its distinctive qualities. The National Museum of Art of Romania and the George Enescu Museum are only a few significant cultural organizations surrounding the gallery, located in the heart of Bucharest's historic district. Visitors can enjoy this center's rich and varied cultural experience, highlighting the city's vibrant and diverse artistic landscape.

The gallery's primary goal is to promote modern Romanian art, focusing on artists who examine social and political concerns. Several of the most well-known artists from Romania, including Ion Tuculescu, Ion Irimescu, and Corneliu Baba, have masterpieces in the gallery's permanent collection. However, the gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase the works of emerging artists and explore new artistic movements.

The Military Circle's Arts Gallery also conducts various cultural events and activities in addition to its art exhibitions. They include events that engage the neighbourhood and foster cultural interchanges, such as concerts, plays, and movie screenings. The gallery also provides art lessons and workshops for kids and adults, allowing visitors to enhance their creative and artistic abilities.

The visiting hours depend on the exhibiting artists' schedule, so it's better you find out in advance.

The Round Room Art Gallery

The Round Room art gallery is also situated inside the Military Circle. It is part of the three main galleries: The Arts Gallery Room, the Foyer Room, and the Round Room Gallery.

The Military Circle's Arts Gallery in Bucharest boasts a diverse range of classical and contemporary artworks; one of its most unique features is the Round Room Art Gallery. This circular room is located at the heart of the gallery and is a popular destination for art enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The Round Room Art Gallery showcases various artworks that vary in style, medium, and subject matter. Some of the most notable pieces on display include classical paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects, as well as contemporary artworks that explore themes related to social and political issues.

The Round Room Art Gallery's architecture and design features give it a unique character. The artworks are organized to stimulate inquiry and discovery, and the circular area allows for a smooth flow of guests. Visitors can see the artworks from various perspectives and angles thanks to the room's high ceilings and natural light.

Events and exhibitions frequently take place in this venue. The space is a perfect setting for performances, concerts, and other cultural activities, in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

Anyone with interest in art and culture should pay a visit to the Round Room Art Gallery. It stands out as a destination for tourists visiting the city due to its distinctive style, wide variety of artworks, and strategic placement in Bucharest's historic core.

The visiting hours depending on the artist's schedule.

Galateea Art Gallery

Galateea Art Gallery is a destination for contemporary art in Romania. Founded in 2009, the gallery has established a reputation for exhibiting some Romanian and international artists' most exciting and innovative works.

Galateea Contemporary Art gallery's primary mission is to promote Romanian contemporary ceramics internationally by fostering partnerships and collaboration with other galleries and international art institutions. A group of enthusiastic local ceramicists who took the initiative to establish a dedicated exhibition space are currently in charge of overseeing the organization's exhibition schedule.

Recently, Galateea Gallery was awarded  The Prize of the Jury by the Visual Artists Union of Romania for supporting and promoting contemporary ceramic art. 

The gallery can be visited Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 4 pm - 8 pm and Tuesday and Thursday: 12 pm - 4 pm. Saturday - Sunday is closed.

Simeza Art Gallery

Simeza Art Gallery is a prominent art space located in Bucharest, Romania. Since its opening in 1995, the gallery has become a popular gathering place for fans and collectors of modern art. With an emphasis on up-and-coming artists and experimental methods, the gallery exhibits works by artists from Romania and worldwide.

Simeza Gallery is an exhibition space that belongs to the Union of Plastic Artists of Romania, dedicated to a segment of almost 600 visual artists and members of the UAP Bucharest branches of graphics and sculpture. Unfortunately, the space hasn't been renovated for quite a long time, as the galleries that belong to the Union of Plastic Artists of Romania don't receive enough funds to support the renovations. Yet, the works of art exhibited in these spaces are worth a visit.

One of the unique features of Simeza Art Gallery is its commitment to supporting young artists. The gallery frequently offers solo and group shows by up-and-coming artists, giving them a venue to present their work and acquire recognition in the art world. Simeza Art Gallery has become a focal point for the city's contemporary art scene due to its concentration on developing young talent.

Simeza Art Gallery provides various services for art collectors, such as art counselling and collection management. The gallery's specialists can assist collectors with new acquisitions, collection management, and investment strategy advice.

The art exposition organized at the Simeza Art Gallery when we took the pictures is "ATEMPORAL" by artists Nicolae Constantinescu and Elena Drăgulelei Dumitru. The collection consists of abstract acrylic paintings, digital artwork, and mixes on paper. The exposition is available between 16 and 30 March 2023.

Simeza Gallery can be visited from Monday to Friday, between 11 and 6 pm.

Orizont Art Gallery

The Orizont Art Gallery, in the center of Bucharest, is a lively and dynamic location where current Romanian artists' work is displayed. Since its establishment in 2005, the gallery has become a well-known destination for collectors and art enthusiasts.

Orizont Art Gallery's dedication to promoting Romanian art and culture is one of its distinctive features. The gallery exhibitions frequently focus on national identity and history, offering a provocative and informative view of the nation's rich cultural past.

Like Simeza Art Gallery, Orizont Gallery belongs to Romania's Union of Plastic Artists.

The gallery primarily focuses on sculptures and manual work, such as leatherwork, metalwork, wool knitting and more. The exhibition in the picture is called "Formele Gândului - The Shapes of Thought" by artist Nicoleta Bică Bucșaru, which surrounds the idea of humanity, peace and sustainability. The artworks are created entirely from wool fibre, and the artist used the kneading technique. The pictures above depict the artist's temporary collection at the Orizont Gallery.

The Orizont Art Gallery's schedule is Monday - Friday, open between 2:00 and 6:00 pm. Saturday - Sunday closed.

Caminul Artei - The Home of Art Gallery

Caminul Artei Art gallery is a vibrant and dynamic gallery showcasing contemporary Romanian artists' work. The gallery was founded in 2012 by Romania's Union of Plastic Artists and has quickly become a destination for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts.

At this gallery, you can find young emerging artists who want to make a statement in art and gain recognition.

Between 20-31 March 2023, you can admire artist Marius Fratila's temporary exhibition "Conflict Vegetal". The exhibition presents the artist's pictorial approaches from earlier periods, which have become subjects of self-analysis and detailed study.

Upstairs, we found another young artist exposing her artwork in a temporary exhibition called "Ferestre Atemporale", by artist Bianca - Andreea Constantin. The exhibition can be seen between 20 March and April 2nd on Caminul Artei's second floor.

Caminul Artei Art gallery's schedule is Monday - Friday, open between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm. Saturday - Sunday closed.

Viena Style Art Gallery

Viena Style Art Gallery, located near the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, is a unique art gallery that operates as a fusion of an art gallery and an antique store. It offers a captivating blend of vintage and contemporary art objects, including both new and old paintings, statues, and furniture.

Step into Viena Style Art Gallery, and you will be transported into a world where artistic masterpieces and timeless treasures coexist. The gallery showcases various paintings, ranging from classical works to modern interpretations. Visitors can admire the skill and craftsmanship of renowned artists and emerging talents and explore the rich historical context of older paintings.

Beyond paintings, Viena Style Art Gallery houses an impressive statue collection that breathes life into the space. These sculptures, crafted with precision and artistry, evoke emotions and capture the essence of various artistic movements. From delicate marble figures to bold bronze creations, the gallery offers diverse sculptural artworks for art enthusiasts to appreciate and acquire.

Viena Style Art Gallery goes beyond traditional artworks and encompasses a curated selection of vintage furniture. Each piece tells a story, showcasing the craftsmanship and design of different eras. From elegant Victorian chairs to mid-century modern tables, the gallery offers a captivating range of furniture that adds charm and character to any space.

In addition to exhibitions, the gallery also organizes events, workshops, and art-related discussions to engage the public and foster dialogue between artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors. It serves as a meeting point for individuals passionate about art, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and appreciation of diverse artistic perspectives.

Form Art Gallery

Form Art Gallery is located on Magheru Boulevard, near Cărturești Verona. This relatively recently opened cultural destination stands out for its artistic diversity and the possibility of hosting special events.

The gallery provides a platform for contemporary artists from various mediums, emphasizing hand painting and sculpture. Here, visitors can admire varied works of art, from hand-painted paintings to innovative sculptures, making Form Art Gallery an exciting place for art enthusiasts.

In addition, the gallery is open for holding personal exhibitions of different artists, allowing them to present their creations to the general public. Also, an exciting gallery element is the opportunity to see hand-painted clothing, offering a complete and diverse artistic experience.

With a central location, Form Art Gallery is where contemporary art comes to life and meets its audience, offering the opportunity to explore and appreciate the artistic creations of local and international talents.

Bucharest Art Galleries - Something Worth Visiting

As you have seen in this article, Bucharest art galleries provide a comprehensive view of the city's vibrant contemporary art scene and rich cultural past. Visitors can explore various mediums, meet new artists, and purchase one-of-a-kind works for their collections at places like the Artmark Art Gallery, Simeza Art Gallery, Galateca Art Gallery, Military Circle Arts Gallery, the distinctive Round Room Art Gallery and others. The art galleries in Bucharest are a must-see location with plenty to offer everyone, whether you're a serious collector or just interested in art and culture.