Coffee Shops & Tea Houses in Bucharest

Coffee Shops & Tea Houses

Coffee Shops & Tea Houses: Selected just for you

Besides restaurants, Bucharest has a great selection of coffee shops and tea houses which you can enjoy during your time in the city.

Chaya Tea House

Top 5 tea houses - Chaya Tea House

Chaya is a cozy tea house, located in an old house, with an exotic-oriental vibe and a pretty spacious garden, close to the Old Town and Unirii square. You can choose from a great variety of tea flavours, and Japanese gin, including matcha and other special drinks.
The decor and the music will relax you after a hard day at work or if you are there on a romantic date on the weekends.

Camera din fata

Top 5 Tea Houses in Bucharest - Camera din Fata

Camera din fata is one of the tiniest tea houses in Bucharest which provides only 8 unique tables, but many more flavors of tea, a delicious coffee selection, and lots of homemade cakes. They have all kinds of teas: green, black, white, red, and blooming, so you’re going to find whatever you want for sure, whether it is hot or cold, no matter which one you prefer. You can also try wine, coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, and so on.

Bohemia Tea House

bohemia tea house.

Very close to Cismigiu Park, the oldest park in the city, you’ll find one of the finest tea houses in Bucharest. The setting is amazing and the tea variety is amazing, the menu is perfectly balanced, and you can find options for food snacks, and alcohol. On the menu, you can find a collection of teas for all tastes, from black or rooibos tea to Jasmine tea, Japanese and so many more.


Whether you’re in the mood for a Latte, a Cortado, or even a coffee lemonade, Frudisiac has everything a coffee lover would dream of.

Directly from Stockholm, mildly roasted and packaged at Drop Coffee, the coffee arrives here just a few days after roasting. It generally works with three or four origins and follows the strictest coffee brewing rules. Mathematics and chemistry for the most balanced extraction. Apart from the classic espresso, you can't miss the Nordic's favorite coffee (the filtered coffee) which keeps more of its caffeine content and the fruity aromas or chocolates of the coffee bean.


Origo is a beautiful place that offers a great variety of coffee drinks to choose from espresso to brews and a great variety of teas. Although it seems kind of small at first, the place is actually very cozy and friendly.
In addition, they have very good cookies and cakes as well as an excellent chocolate bar which is a must.