bookfest in Bucharest
The Bookfest International Book Fair, Romania’s largest book fair, returns to the capital’s cultural events landscape after a three-year hiatus. More than 100,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Bookfest, which will take place from June 1 to 5 at the Romexpo Exhibition Complex’s Pavilion B2 in Bucharest. Tens of thousands of titles with
The sixth edition of BURGERFEST, Romania’s only event dedicated solely to burgers, will occur in May, between May 20 and 22. Bucharest has become the meeting place for all those with burger DNA to discover the best burgers in the country. BURGERFEST invites all burger fans to unwind on the green grass and fresh air
National Museum of Art Bucharest
On Saturday, May 14, 2018, the 18th edition of Museum Night will be organized in Bucharest. This includes tangible manifestations such as public exhibitions, interventions, artistic experiments, and screenings. talks. performances. interactive tours. Some of the recommended museums to be visited, starting at 6 PM, are The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the Museum of Recent Arts
Bucharest event
Unirii Park hosts an outdoor event on May 13-15 with traditional food, traditional Romanian clothes, and tasty sweets that will remind you of your childhood. Now that temperatures have risen, events and festivals are starting to occur in Bucharest. As at any other event dedicated to tasting, Unirii Park will be assaulted by gourmets and
Puppies and cats adoption fair
On Sunday, May 15, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., ASPA (Animal Surveillance and Protection Authority) will hold its largest adoption fair at the National Arena in Bucharest.Sixty dogs from ASPA centres and 20 cats from the Territorial Veterinary Center Sector 2 and the TNR Capture Sterilization Release organisation will be waiting for you „on
Art exhibition
The Art Archive Gallery, in collaboration with the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, opens the „Ceremonials – Ceremoniale” exhibition, a charity event benefiting the Romanian National Red Cross Society, in the New Gallery Hall. The opening ceremony, no word game intended, offered a unique opportunity to discover some of the works and talk with
Art Exhibition 2022
Art Safari is the most impressive art event of the year and is promising an impressive art collection for any art lovers out there. 2022 Art Safari’s edition is coming with big names from the art universe like Picasso, Dali, Theodor Aman and many more. Art Safari specializes in exhibition pavilion design and is the
Museum Night poster
After two epidemic seasons, the 18th edition of Museum Night will take place on Saturday, May 14, across the country. It will feature public exhibitions, interventions, artistic experiments, screenings, presentations, seminars, concerts, and interactive tours, all held in physical format. In this year’s edition, over 170 museums and memorial houses, art galleries and gardens, cultural
The [email protected] Cinematheque event, held in the Auditorium Hall of the National ART Museum in Bucharest, will feature art films, documentaries, and award-winning productions from international festivals from April 27 till April 30. According to a press release, the program kicks up on Wednesday, April 27, at 7 p.m. with the gala premiere of Oana
Video Exhibition with Gipsy personalities, at the Bucharest Metro. Charlie Chaplin and Johnny Raducanu are among the characters you will see at the exhibition. On Tuesday, April 15, Bucharest metro hosts a video exhibition featuring 11 gipsy personalities, including Ion Voicu, Charlie Chaplin, and Johnny Raducanu. We are happy to launch a new project in
National Museum of the Romanian Peasant
Bucharest’s Palm Sunday Fair will take place from April 15till 17 at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant for all the artisans’ lovers and those who want to know more about Romanian culture. This event invites you to creativity and fun in one of the most significant locations for the Romanian tradition in Bucharest.
Flowers finally blossomed in Bucharest, and at the same time, over 400 magnolias from the Romanian capital are flourishing. What can you find in Bucharest these days? All sorts of flowers, from cherry to magnolias and many more. There is even a map of magnolias available on Google Maps if you are wondering where you
Marathon in Bucharest
The Bucharest Half Marathon and Marathon return this season to their original dates after being rescheduled last year for the fall due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON will be held on May 7-8, 2022, while the Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest MARATHON will be held on October 8-9, 2022, according to the
Romanian Tourism
Romanian tourism earned over EUR 400 million from foreigners who have chosen to come to Romania in 2021. According to NIS (National Institute of Statistics), 837,7 thousand non-resident tourists arriving in Romania spent on average EUR 480 per person in 2021. The number of tourists in Romania for 2021 recorded a significant growth of 90%
Swiss jewellery brand
The Swiss jewellery brand Carlette Jewellery launches its brand in Romania at a Bucharest event on Women’s Day. The brand has chosen to be present for the first time in Romania at the event organized by CONAF, Gala „Women in Economy, Beyond Borders”, on March 8 at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. Carlette Jewellery is


Mărțișor Fair Bucharest
February 25 – March 1 2022The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant Mărțișor Fair event is organized at the National Museum of Romanian Peasant in Bucharest, and it takes place between February 25 and March 1, 2022. It has prepared many surprises for those who want to celebrate Spring in Romanian style. We still wear
Constantin Brancusi Virtual Tour
On February 19, the most well-known Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi is celebrated annually. Brancusi was born on this day in 1922. It has been 146 years since Brancusi’s birth. Constantin Brancusi Day, 2022, is a day to remember his extraordinary talent and mastery. Constantin Brancusi, a pioneer in modern sculpture, is one of the most
Do you have any plans for this Valentine’s Day in Bucharest? Everyone knows that Bucharest is an exciting city that offers excellent romance to those who seek it. After all, Bucharest wasn’t called, Little Paris of the East” in vain. Valentine’s Day is here, and every pair of lovebirds in Bucharest planned to celebrate their
Bucharest Street Graffitti
Street art has always been a reflection of the society and culture of a certain country. The artworks are typical works that depict social, political, or cultural commentary. In this way, they have the power to change the society into which they are embedded. This applies especially to street art from developing countries which reflects
summer well festival
Summer Well is an amazing music festival where you have the opportunity to see your favorite artists and dance to their music. The music festival will provide you with positive energy which will last for weeks. The Stirbey Domain is located in Buftea, 15 km away from Bucharest. It is one of the most beautiful
BUCHAREST Guide for DOTA2 fans
DOTA2 The International 10 is held in October in Bucharest. If you’re coming for the event and it is your first time in Bucharest, we prepared a guide to help you. Transport to the city If you arrive at the airport, you can take an Uber or Bolt. This is the best way to travel
weekend sessions botanica in bucharest
Are you in Bucharest this summer? We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to go to the Weekend Session in Bucharest! In a natural setting, in the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, every weekend between June 26 and September 19, Weekend Sessions Botanica brings together acoustic sessions of classical music, jazz, alternatives & indie, as
Art Safari Bucharest 2021
This year, Art Safari Bucharest takes place between the 16th -26th of September 2021. The event is hosted by the Dacia-Romania Palace and ARCUB. The visiting schedule is from Monday to Sunday starting at 12 o’clock. The last entry will be at 21.00. Also, Night Tours will be available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting
National Arena
For a football fan, Bucharest is one of the best destinations if you are looking for a city break. Football is the most popular sport in Romania, and, of course, in Bucharest as well. Romanian Football Federation is the sport’s national governing body and it is abbreviated FRF – Romanian Football Federation. The Romanian history
People watching Euro 2020 in Bucharest
Euro 2021 is approaching, you can`t enter the arena because of the COVID restrictions but still want to support your favourite team playing in Romania. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has decided to make the event truly special by deciding to host the tournament matches at not the usual one or two, but
Exhibition of sacred icons painted on ostrich eggs April 15 – May 9, 2021, „Tancred Bănăţeanu” Hall The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is waiting for you on Thursday, April 15, 2021, at 17.00, at the opening of the exhibition of sacred icons decorated on ostrich eggs,
The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant
International exhibition of painting, icons, photography, tapestry and jewelry April 22 – May 9, 2021, Aquarium Hall The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is waiting for you on Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 15.00, at the opening of the international exhibition of painting, icons, photography, tapestry, and
Earth from Space
Earth from Space - Bucharest seen on Sentinel-2 Satellite
Check out the latest version of our app Visit Bucharest Today app turns your phone into a personal tour guide around Bucharest! Visit Bucharest Today! App is a mobile app for Bucharest lovers in order to help any tourist to have a memorable experience in Bucharest. And now, you have a new function that will

Easter in Romania

Easter in Romania
What does Easter symbolize? Easter in Romania is one of the main religious holidays in the country. Romania is a lively and colorful place, accompanied by lots of celebrations and traditions. As it may occur to you, Easter is also celebrated in other European countries. What do they actually celebrate? Easter is a Christian festivity
Romanian gastronomy, as well as Romanian culture, is a mirror of the fascinating history of the country. Romanians have always been involved in hunting, agriculture and animal husbandry. Despite this, at the beginning, the Romanian cuisine was quite poor in ingredients. In addition to meat, the Romanians used to eat dishes based on wheat, barley,
one day trip to Bran Castle
National Geographic issued the list of the best trips for future planning. In the article, which was published earlier this month, NatGeo said the pandemic has brought journeys to a standstill, but it has not quieted people’s curiosity. „Ahead of a new year—with the promise of a return to travel—we are eager to share these
Bucharest is a unique city that doesn’t need comparisons for defining its own identity. Romania’s largest city and its capital merge its rich history with a modern identity and it certainly needs to be discovered and appreciated by international tourists. Yet, with only 2.7 million foreign tourists visiting Romania in 2019, the last year before
The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant Fair
The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant organizes from Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 10, a fair dedicated to craftsmen and antique dealers from all over Romania. The Peasant Museum marks the end of autumn and the last days before entering the Christmas fast, inviting its public to the Fair with craftsmen and antique
Either you prefer modern palaces with innovative design, well-preserved military fortresses with impressive towers, or grand royal residences, Romania has it all. But why should you choose Romania? The answer is simple. The Carpathian country is one of the best value-for-money destinations we have ever visited and castles in Romania are among the most impressive
Rasnov Fortress
There are many places in Romania worth visiting this season, such as the high-altitude roads that offer spectacular views or the old Dacian capital surrounded by a dense forest dressed in vivid colors in this period. Take your pick from our selection of the best Romanian destinations to visit in October! Summer is over, it’s
Old town Bucharest
Bucharest has a lot to offer. From beautiful historic buildings, to hidden ‘secret alleys’, beautifully designed shops, quirky museums, street festivals and the craziest nightlife in this part of Europe, Bucharest has got it all. Are you ready to explore Bucharest like a local? Let’s see together the top things to do while visiting Bucharest!
The Romanian capital continues to redefine itself, merging its history with a modern identity. Get ready to explore Bucharest – Romania’s capital and largest city, this time not only through our website, but also through our travel mobile app. Known in the past as “The Little Paris,” Bucharest has changed a lot lately, and today
Cec Palace - one of the most important historical building in Bucharest
Bucharest has a lot to offer. From beautiful historic buildings to hidden ‘secret alleys’, beautifully designed shops, quirky museums, an emerging coffee, and foodie scene during a street festival, and the craziest nightlife in this part of Europe, Bucharest has got it all. Be sure you’ll find plenty of Instagrammable places in Bucharest just waiting
The Patriarchate Palace
Bucharest’s churches are part of the local history, tradition and spirituality. The churches are not impressive in terms of size, but in terms of the atmosphere full of spirituality and for their astonishing beauty. They don’t overwhelm the tourists by their sheer size, but by the spirituality they are embraced with. Here is our top
Dumitru Comanescu - the oldest man in the world
UPDATE: Dumitru Comanescu died in Bucharest, Romania on 27 June 2020 at the age of 111 years. Romanian Dumitru Comănescu, aged 111 years and 7 months, has become the oldest man on the planet, acknowledged by the World Guinness Book after British Bob Weighton had died a few days ago. He is a Bucharest city
The Palace of Parliament
It is time to find out our Top 9 curiosities about the Romanian Palace of Parliament! Most people are impressed by its size, as it is the world’s largest administrative building (for civilian use) and the second-largest building in the world after the Pentagon in the US. Bucharest Palace of Parliament is one of the
the fascinating deserted streets of Bucharest
A call for social distancing and restrictions on travel have left some of Europe’s cities looking deserted. The famous #stayhome has become more than a simple hashtag for Romanians, a fact that can be seen from the silence that seems to have spread even on the streets of Bucharest in recent days as measures to
Theatre Bucharest
As social isolation measures imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have gotten more serious, an increasing number of cultural institutions in Romania have decided to stay in touch with their audiences with performances available online. Several theaters in Romania provide us with online plays for children and adults for a longer period of time, which we
Cantacuzino Palace in Bucharest
Cities and entire countries from around the world are announcing quarantine, which means that many of us are forced to stay home. But staying at home doesn’t have to be boring! Since we’re all in this together, many institutions and organizations are offering the opportunity to visit them without leaving the comfort of your own
Revolution Square
Some of the tourists which visit Romania’s capital city each year, and their annual number already exceeded 1 million, ask about top communist landmarks in Bucharest. Romania was known for its communist past, which ended in 1989 in a bloody Revolution. Despite that, communism left behind many landmarks of that period, spread between 1947 and
Bucharest Christmas Market
Bucharest Christmas Market is one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, is great if you are looking for unique, locally made gifts, and also if you want to eat and drink some Romanian specialties.
These are our recommendations for the best tea houses in Bucharest – the places where you want to cool down after a hot summer day or warm up during a cold winter evening. Madame B – Tea and Pancake House Madame B is the best place in Bucharest where you can find the most delicious
Explore the haunted places in Bucharest where you can discover many interesting stories: The haunted orphanage, House of the Devil, Cismigiu Hotel, Chiajna Monastery, Vernescu House