Botanical Garden of Bucharest


Today, the Botanical Garden of Bucharest covers an area of ​​18.2 ha. It is located in the western part of the city, on the right bank of Dambovița. Located at a low altitude, the Botanical Garden „D. Brandza ”reflects the characteristics of the relief specific to the plain region.

But the history of the Bucharest Botanical Garden started in 1884,  when professor doctor Dimitrie Brandza obtained, based on decree no. 659 of February 28, the land and the necessary funds for the arrangement of the Botanical Garden. Thus began the construction and population of the first greenhouses using the model of the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden of Liège, the construction of the Botanical Institute in which operated, until the bombing of April 4, 1944, the disciplines of Plant Biology, Herbarium and Botanical Museum. At the same time, the planting of the first trees began.


The Botanical Garden of Bucharest has changed radically since 1954. Under the leadership of the University of Bucharest began the construction of a complex of production greenhouses, designed to provide the plant material needed for outdoor sectors, the construction of the new Botanical Institute (1960), which currently operates Botanical disciplines, Microbiology, and Genetics, as well as the General Herbarium (superior plants section), the construction of the exhibition greenhouse complex (1973-1976) with an area of ​​over 2500 sq m and the inauguration in 1978 of the new Botanical Museum, arranged on an ecological basis.

On the right side, as soon as you enter the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, you can walk through the Decorative Sector. It emphasizes the aesthetic importance of the garden. Approximately 500 species of annual and perennial plants, trees and shrubs, decorative vines through leaves, flowers and fruits are cultivated here. All this ensures a special decoration all year round.

During your tour inside the Botanical Garden, pay attention to The Old Greenhouse. This was built under the guidance of the Belgian architect Louis Fuchs between the years 1889-1891. As if forgotten by all, the old greenhouse constantly conquers through its doors, through its small windows, through the way the sun's rays caress its facade.

Grandma's Garden Sector is located behind the Old Greenhouse. This is a symbolic model of the traditional Romanian gardens in which vegetables, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants, shrubs, and fruit trees have a well-established role.

Whether you walk through the 11 specially arranged Sectors, or visit the Botanical Museum or the Exhibition Greenhouses or just relax on the lakeshore, the Botanical Garden in Bucharest is a place where every nature lover will find his place.

Opening Hours:

From 14th of March till 16th of October, daily from 8.00 to 20.00

From 17th of October to 12th of March, daily from 9.00 to 17.00

Prices: 3 euro/ adult

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