Casa Doina

Historical monument, dating back over 120 years, Casa Doina (Doina House) is one of the high-end restaurants in Bucharest, known for its Romanian cuisine, as well as a meeting place for business people or those in the political class. This edifice was designed in order to serve as a Romanian Pavilion for the Universal Art Gallery from Paris in 1889. Ion Mincu, the architect of this masterpiece, who is considered one of the founders of the Romanian architectural style, succeeded to transpose the idea of the Romanian aristocratic house which is combined with some architectural elements of Seville and Toledo’s Alhambra, with the intention to express the Romanian soul. After the exhibition in Paris, it was decided to be built in Bucharest, being called “Bufetul de la Sosea”. Since 2003, the construction has housed a luxurious restaurant: Casa Doina. The building is classified as an architectural monument. The food, particularly the traditional Romanian dishes - is superb, carefully crafted by resident chef Tudor Dobre, and Casa Doina can be considered a paragon of consistency. The splendid terrace is an absolute joy when the weather allows. At Casa Doina, you will have the opportunity to feel the Romanian spirit and hospitality.

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