Hanul lui Manuc

Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc`s Inn) is one of the oldest inns in Bucharest and is located at 62–64 Strada Franceză.
Built by an Armenian called Emanuel Mârzaian (Manuc), one of the richest and most influential merchants of his times in the Balkan region, Manuc's Inn was built about two hundred years ago, providing lodging and shelter for the caravans on their trade routes. A key element regarding the inn is its innovative architecture.
The restaurant is located in a historical building and serves traditional dishes and some other food. The place has a pleasant atmosphere and in the evening there are live performances. Tourists and locals simply love it, because of its welcoming and unique appearance.

Strada Franceză, nr. 62-64, București
Contact: 0730.188.653

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