Little Paris Museum

If you're a fan of art and architecture, a visit to the Little Paris Museum in Bucharest, Romania, is a must. This charming museum is located in a historic building in the city's heart and showcases the style popular in Europe at the turn of the 20th century.

The Little Paris Museum on Lipscani Street 41 in the Old Town of Bucharest is located in the former building of the Dalles family, today a restored building, furnished and decorated with French and oriental features to recreate the image of a bourgeois house in the capital and it really feels like you step into the atmosphere of the space from the end of the 19th century, at the time of Bucharest's glory.

The museum, which renowned photographer Eugen Ciocan first established, combines an antique gallery, a café, and a vintage photography studio. It was created as a getaway from the hectic, modern world and a return to a glorious age of extravagance and beauty.

Why is it called the Little Paris Museum?

Back in the day, Bucharest was nicknamed "Little Paris" due to its heavy French influence on culture and architecture during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The locals dressed similarly to Parisians, and it was trendy for those of a particular social status to speak French in public places like cafes and restaurants.

Young people who studied in Paris and Vienna and immigrants from Central and Western Europe who came to Bucharest brought European lifestyles and trends to the city.

The phrase "Little Paris" is said to have been coined by Balkan travelers who were amazed by the rapid Europeanization of Bucharest during that period, including removing the bridges that connected it to the East and the Balkans.

The museum pays tribute to Bucharest's moniker "Little Paris," earned due to the city's cultural and architectural similarities with the French capital.

The interior of the Little Paris Museum

As you step inside, the museum's main hall welcomes you and leads to four unique rooms full of old objects that are displayed and even available for purchase. Two larger halls are the Oriental hall, featuring Moorish-style stucco, and the French hall, which boasts a splendid rococo mirror alongside plaster stucco.

The French salon area can serve as both a museum and a photo studio where you can take vintage photographs with hand-coloring or sepia effects. To immerse yourself even further in the past era, the museum has a room filled with lavish outfits from earlier times, both originals and replicas.

On the opposite side of the first two salons, you'll find two rooms dedicated to showcasing the private life of Bucharest residents from the past, influenced by Romanian culture. The actual collection is divided into two parts: the first focuses on fashion, while the second showcases the art of living.

In this section of the museum, various old objects are arranged with the skill of a scenographer, such as clothes, hookahs, mirrors, candlesticks, lamps, clocks, porcelain, books, unique photographs, and furniture, among others.

As you enter the last room, you'll be greeted by a collection of souvenirs that will catch your eye. The space is filled with beautiful furniture, unique objects, and stylish clothing, all with a French influence. Everything is arranged so beautifully that it creates a magical atmosphere that will leave you feeling enchanted and wanting to return for more.

You'll discover a delightful collection of souvenirs, all with a French touch that perfectly complements the museum's special decor. It's like stepping into a different world altogether!

Don't forget to stop by the Little Paris Museum's bathroom, which is, like all its rooms, a blue jewel decorated with great taste.

Musical evenings, book launches and themed evenings are also organized in this museum. In the museum's collection, there are over 1000 objects that belonged to the La Belle Epoque era. You can schedule a photo session at the Photo Cabinet in the Little Paris Museum! It's a one-of-a-kind beauty experience that includes full styling (costume with pieces from the museum collection, make-up, hair and accessories). The final photo is unique, whether it's sepia or hand-colored.

The Little Paris Museum is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and it's easy to see why. The building's stunning and beautifully preserved interior makes it a must-see attraction. Additionally, the museum's location in the heart of Bucharest means that visitors can easily explore other nearby attractions, such as the National Museum of Art of Romania and the Romanian Athenaeum.

The Little Paris Museum is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in art, architecture, and the history of Bucharest. The museum's collection glimpse the city's rich cultural heritage. At the same time, its location in the Lipscani district makes it a convenient stop for anyone exploring the area.

Opening hours:

Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday - Sunday –  11 AM - 7 PM

Ticket Prices

If you plan to visit the Little Paris Museum, you'll be happy to know that tickets for adults are only 25 lei, and kids get in for just 15 lei!

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