One day trip to Mogosoaia Palace

Mogosoaia Palace easily passes as one of the most beautiful edifices around Bucharest. With a history that goes back more than 300 years, part of the lives of some of the greatest families in the history of Southern Romania, the palace and its vast gardens are an excellent weekend destination.

Situated about 10 kilometers from Bucharest, Romania, Mogoșoaia Palace bears the name of Mogoș, the Romanian boyar, or a member of the highest rank of the feudal Moscovian, Bulgarian and Moldavian aristocracies, second only to ruling princes, between the 10th century and the 17th century, who owned the land. After Mogoș, the palace exchanged hands several times. After it was given to Princess Marthe Bibesco by her husband, Prince George Bibesco, it became a central meeting place for international high society and politicians.

Martha Bibescu was the one who transformed a ruin into a veritable work of art of the ‘Brancovenesc’ style, an architectural theme developed centuries before by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu.

Now a popular tourist destination, Mogoșoaia Palace houses a museum and an art gallery within its walls. But it is also known for its beautiful grounds and gardens. Sometimes, the Mogoșoaia Palace is opened up to cultural events. You can also visit the basement where a permanent exhibition is dedicated to the demolished Vacaresti Monastery, the former kitchen, and the ice house. Don’t miss the small chapel of the Bibescu family from the park, the balcony of the gate tower for a panoramic view over the property, and the 17th-century church. Built by the same Constantin Brancoveanu as a chapel for his family, the small church is also done in the ‘Brancovenesc’ style.

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