Museum of Recent Art - MARe

Museum of Recent Art is one of a kind museum in Bucharest, offering a unique experience and a modern approach to an art institution. The building itself is eye-catching, with one of a kind architectural structure in Bucharest.  

Located near Charles de Gaulle Square, on the ''Primaverii'' boulevard, sharing the same street as Ceauseascu House, the Muzeum of Recent Arts is the perfect place if you are looking for art or need inspiration.

If you ever cross on by the Street  Primaverii, 15, You can recognize it immediately by its odd and curious image, disproportional with any building around it. The construction is intended as an incubator for visual culture, both a platform for rethinking recent Romanian art and a panorama of the local art scene of the past decades. 

MARe has five levels, two terraces with unique perspectives and an amphitheatre garden. Seen from the outside, the museum seems to "float" above the ground on a transparent, fully glazed ground floor, a "floating" effect reinforced by the appearance of a monolith, a watertight "bunker" of the upper floors, clad in apparent dark brick, which refers to the recent history of totalitarianism and the isolation of Romania. 

The second element that surprises the viewer besides the visual aspect is the sound. Yes, the building has its sound! Before you approach the entrance, you will hear a horse moaning and galloping. The sound work "Ecvestra" (2016) belongs to the artists Alexandru Papuc and Cristian Macovei and is intended to impose the sound in front of the image. The sound effect pushes you into a world of wonders and creativity.  You can even enjoy a cup of coffee while discovering modern Romanian art.


The inside of the building is designed to defy visitors' ideas and stereotypes about museums. Instead of neutral, white cube spaces, the structure is comprised of a maze of corridors and rooms, clearings and halls, all designed to stimulate and enhance visitors' intimacy with works of art. In other words, a museum is a place where the visitor is able to consume in an intimate environment, all the visual information inside.

With a focus on Romanian art from the 1960s to the present, MARe provides visitors with a critical viewpoint on Romanian artists' risks, accomplishments, and compromises during the communist dictatorship and after the regime's fall in 1989.

The permanent exhibition features key works by Ion Țuculescu, Andrei Cădere, Ion Grigorescu, Paul Neagu, Ștefan Bertalan, Nicolae Comănescu, Roman Cotoșman, Pavel Ilie, Diet Sayler, Alexandru Chira, Horia Bernea, Florin Mitroi, Marian Zidaru, Ioana Bătrânu, Vioara Bara, Teodor Graur, Dan Perjovschi, Dumitru Gorzo, Victor Man, Ecaterina Vrana, Vlad Nancă, Gili Mocanu, Anca Mureșan, Ovidiu Feneș, Cristina David, Ion Bârlădeanu and many others.

Opening hours

Monday – 11 AM- 7 PM
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – 11 AM- 7 PM
Thursday – 11 AM- 7 PM
Friday –11 AM- 7 PM
Saturday – 11 AM- 7 PM
Sunday – 11 AM- 7 PM


Full price - 28 lei (~ 6 Euro)
Seniors - 14 lei (~ 3 Euro)
Students - 14 lei (~ 3 Euro)
For online tickets or group reservations please consult the official website MARe

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