The National Military Museum

Located on Mircea Vulcanescu street, at no. 125-127, the Military Museum is a key component to get to know the history of Romania and is considered by many the real History Museum of Bucharest. It displays a rich military and strategic heritage and offers the opportunity for a highly interactive visit.

The museum is just a 10-minute walk away from Bucharest’s main train station, Gara de Nord. Public buses and trams also stop just a short walk away from the museum’s entrance and also from the nearby attractions, including the Bucharest Botanical Garden and Cişmigiu Garden.

The museum was founded in 1923 by a decree signed by King Ferdinand I himself, having, over time, a special attention from the Royal House, which made numerous donations. At the same time, this museum has managed to increase its number of exhibits through the support of several important Romanian personalities, including Nicolae Iorga, Radu Rosetti, Alexandru Tzigara - Samurcas and Vasile Parvan.

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In the museum’s courtyard, there is a magnificent collection of military artillery and vehicles including cannons, tanks used during the Cold War and rocket launchers, one of which is mounted on a train. At the aircraft hangar, you can see a variety of helicopters and planes, including one designed by the famous Romanian engineer Aurel Vlaicu or a copy of the first jet engine airplane in the world, designed by the famous Romanian engineer Henri Coanda.

The museum has an area of 22,150 square meters and the exhibition area is made up of buildings with a total of nine floors and an outdoor military park where artillery, armored, and motor vehicles are exposed.

1. PAVILION A - Sections of old, medium, modern, contemporary, and Lapidarium military history

2. PAVILION B - Collections of uniforms and armament, exhibition hall

3. PAVILION C - Library and Laboratory for restoration, warehouses, workshops

4. PAVILION D - Administration of the National Military Museum

5. PAVILION C1 - Aviation Section

6. PAVILION F - Collection of trailers and trailers

7. PAVILION - Park of artillery, tanks, and cars

Here you can find exhibits that illustrate Romania from ancient times, even during the Dacian kingdom and under Roman, Bulgarian, and Ottoman rule. Learn about the country’s involvement as an Allied force in World War I and its change of allegiance in World War II. Don’t miss the exhibit about the famous Revolution of 1989, when the Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu was ousted from power and executed.

The National Military Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday: 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m. Monday and Tuesday the museum is closed. Ask at the reception area for a map with an overview of the various exhibit halls.

Ticket prices

Adults: 20 lei ~ 4 euro
Senior citizens: 10 lei ~ 2 euro
Pupils and students: 5 lei ~ 1 euro

Free access for children under 5 years old, institutionalized children, military school students, invalids and war veterans.

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