OXYA by Bamboo

Founded in 2002, Bamboo is the first and the biggest club belonging to the stately Bamboo Group. Shortly after it was opened, it became the most famous club in Romania, but also the main destination for tourists from all around the world. Designed to impress through its amazing decor, music, and dancing shows, Bamboo has been hosting a great number of concerts with internationally known artists.
Yet, 2002 has remained in the history of Romanian entertainment as “the year when Bucharest’s nightlife standards rose to the highest level”, by the opening of Bamboo. The club was going to surpass any expectations and become famous all over the world, due to its extravagant architecture, original style, amazing dancing shows, great music, and famous local and international guest artists.

Strada Caroteni 11, Bucharest
Contact: 0723 226 266

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