Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharest is the largest wellness center in Europe. The entire place is designed for water sports, relaxing, and food. Also, Therme Bucharest has the best spa in Bucharest.
Your oasis of peace and relaxation awaits you every day of the week, with new opportunities for fun with both your little ones and your friends. The restaurant within the complex always prepares delicious and fresh recipes, waiting for its guests.
Therme is organized into three distinct spaces, each one having different entrance prices. If you have chosen an area and paid for it, but you want access to another area, with the electronic bracelet you have received at the entrance you can access other areas, not before being informed at the access points which is the extra price on which you will pay if you access the area.


There is different pricing across the three different areas, with Galaxy (the family area) being the cheapest at prices from 49 Lei for 3 hours to 75 Lei for a full day for adults.
The Palm – which also allows access to Galaxyprices range between 59 Lei for 3 hours to 85 Lei for a full day.
And for Elysium – which allows access to all areas – prices range between 79 Lei for 3 hours and 109 Lei for a full day pass.

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