Downtown Bucharest fountains

The artesian fountains of Unirii Square, built during the communist period, were restored to life following an investment of 9 million Euros. Bucharest can now boast the first smart fountains in Europe designed 100% on a computer, with a fantastic show of color, music, and 3D projections on the water. In fact, Bucharest holds the Guinness Record for the longest choreographed fountain system in the world.
Four “water screens” facing the four cardinal points were integrated into the central fountain in Unirii Square. They are designed to create a huge multimedia platform for videos and laser projections. Each theme has a musical mix and a specific color palette. The show lasts about 45 minutes and access is free.
The 44 fountains in downtown Bucharest are located at a 1.4-km distance between Alba Iulia Square and Constitution Square.
The fountains of Piata Unirii will offer visitors multimedia shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, between 20:00 and 21:00, until the first snowfall.

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