If you're looking for a wine bar in Bucharest, at WINE MOOD you will find a diversity of events that bring people together to discover the unicity of Romanian wine. These are happy events in life, which give rise to ideas intended from the very beginning to bring us quality wine, smiles, new experiences and lots of clinking glasses.

Wine Mood concept was invented by two friends who share a passion for wine and Romanian land. It's about that love that doesn't go away once you get to all the wine-growing areas of the country and see the endless vineyards. A love of exquisite wine and a desire to show off Romania as a wine producer makes them want to discover every day more and more of the taste of Romanian wine, of wine history, but also to talk to the local producers, who manage to convey the emotion of the place so well through the wines there, which they call terroir.

Splaiul Unirii 49, București
Contact: 0760.049 049

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