Zambaccian Museum

Zambaccian Museum is an art museum in Bucharest, located near Dorobanților Square, on Zambaccian Museum street, no. 21A. It is located in the former home of Krikor Zambaccian (1889 -1962), a Romanian businessman of Armenian ethnicity, reputed critic and art collector. The museum was founded in 1947, the exhibited pieces belonging to the impressive art collection donated by Krikor Zambaccian to the Romanian state, together with the building.
The museum was closed by the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1977, when the exhibits were moved to another location, and reopened in 1992, within the original headquarters. Currently, it is a branch of the National Museum of Art of Romania. The works of art on display include works of painting, sculpture, graphics and furniture. These include a collection of works by Romanian artists, including a portrait of Zambaccian, painted by Corneliu Baba, as well as works by several French impressionists.

The Zambaccian Museum houses over 300 objects of plastic and decorative art and is currently a branch of the National Museum of Art of Romania.
The Zambaccian Museum is a place worth visiting not only to see the impressive collection of paintings, statues, and furniture but also to feel that atmosphere of peace. If you want to take pictures inside the museum, you must pay a tax of 50 lei.



Zambaccian Art Collection

The museum is home to works by well-known French painters like as Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Cezanne, Matisse, Bonnard, Utrillo, and Marquet, which are added to the collection of Romanian art.

A powerful illustration of the development of Romanian art from the second half of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century can be found in the works of artists like Nicolae Grigorescu, Ioan Andreescu, Stefan Luchian, Jean Al. Steriadi, Gheorghe Petrascu, Nicolae Tonitza, Nicolae Darascu, Theodor Pallady, Iosif Iser, Corneliu Baba, Ion Tuculescu, Dimitrie Paciurea.



The museum also hosts unique sculptures by Brancusi, Milita Petrascu, Oscar Han, and Cornel Medrea to complete this critical panorama of Romanian art.

The Zambaccian Museum is a work of art by itself. The architecture and interior design emphasize the art collection inside, the building being a tribute to fine art in every corner. The memorial museum is more than a building dedicated to art lovers, it is a whole universe of beautiful art that opens in the eyes of every traveller that crosses its threshold.

K. H. Zambaccian donated the house and its 310 pieces of art—paintings, drawings, sculptures, and furniture—to the state in 1946. Since the museum's opening in 1947, the public has had access to some of them.

The works of art found here, paintings of the great Romanian artists, were purchased throughout his life and were then donated to the Romanian State. The donation was made public through his book "The Notes of an Art Lover" where he said: the people and the artists whose fruit I have reaped".

If you are looking for inspiration while in Bucharest, then the Zambaccian Museum must be the first on your list to visit. 


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