Bucharest Flea Market Bazaar of Memories

Bucharest's biggest flea market, The Bazaar of Memories, is the most extensive and diverse must-see for antique lovers, collectors, and all-things vintage hunters.

As each flea market or store has its unique retail concept, so does the bazaar in question. It is an open space created for people who wish to earn money by selling both used and not-used vintage and refurbished items. It is open for anyone that owns such items and wishes to give them away in an authentic way offering value to the things they once loved from one passionate person to another.

Additionally, the fair expanded and followed current trends to keep bringing awareness to it and to engage the younger generations to appreciate the art and value of vintage objects, antiquities, collectibles, and the sentiments they bring along.

The flea market joined the online environment and is open for people to join the seller's side even in the digital medium, if physical presence is too tricky or not an option for vintage lovers that don't have the time to be there but still want to join the group.

What types of items can you find at Bucharest Flea Market?

Bucharest Flea Market

The Bazaar of Memories is known nationally throughout the country, being a wonderful place filled with all types of objects you probably didn't know you needed or wanted. A place where you look at one thing and find yourself down memory lane as the name of the market specifies itself. When we say that you can find all kinds of items there, we mean ALL kinds of things, from paintings to vintage stained glass lamps, to handmade house decorations, clothing of all kinds, watches, ceramic and bronze figures, collectible badges, toys, authentic cultural pieces, books, old-school tools, machinery and laboratory sets, vinyl sets, cassettes, CDs and many many more gems.

You can experience the real feel of a vendor's life walking between the antiquities stalls as you can hear the bustle of people while negotiating prices and offers and while exploring the items you find together with their incredible history.

Other facilities that boost the flea market activity

One of the unique features of the fair is its commercial location. The Bazaar of Memories is situated only a few minutes walk from two food markets, one of them being the well-known Agricultural Market, where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and all kinds of victuals.

Moreover, the flea market has a restaurant right around the corner, entitled ''At the Wheel'' (la Roata), serving traditional cuisines and delicious barbeques from the popular chef Marian Dinu. The restaurant completes the ambience of the renowned fair and gives the items on display in the Bazar a special flavour and traditional fragrance

As such, visiting the flea market could be a full-day activity where you can explore vintage collections, tick off that grocery list you've carried with you, and of course, make a stop to relax over a deliciously cooked barbeque.

Where can you find Bucharest Flea Market?

Get your vintage head pals and dive into the bazaar's fascinating heart and exciting surprises. You can find the market in the area of Timisoara Boulevard. Check the official website to find the complete address and contact information, and follow our directions on the interactive map below.

The Bazaar of Memories is open every Thursday between 5:30 to 13:30, and every weekend between 6:00 to 14:00 (Saturday & Sunday).

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