Bucharest Half Marathon 2023

On the weekend of May 13-14, Bucharest hosts the 12th edition of the OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON. The event brings together several running races, 2.5 km, 10 km, relay (3 x 6.5 km + 7 km + 7.6 km) and 21 km, as well as Children's Races.

Saturday, May 13: Non-competitive races

On Saturday, May 13, the non-competitive races will take place; from 09.00 a.m., the runners for the Popular Race will start, then from 10.30 a.m., the small runners from the Children's Race will start, by age categories 0-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-7 years, 8-9 years, 10-12 years.

On Saturday, May 13, at 3:00 p.m., the Under Armor Shake Out Run, a workout facilitated by 321Sport, will occur. The length of the route is approximately 2 kilometres, and it will take place in Izvor Park. Training will not be timed as this event is not competitive. The race is free and open to all participants of the OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON, and prior registration will be required.

Sunday, May 14: Competitive races

On Sunday, May 14, there will be a single start, from 09.00, for the competitive races of half marathon, half marathon relay (teams of 3 members), and 10 km individually.

Wheelchair races

The start of the 2.5km Wheelchair Race will take place on Saturday, May 13, at 08.45, and on Sunday, at the same time, the start of the 10km race for runners with special abilities will take place.

Critical information to all runners at Bucharest Half Marathon

Bucharest RUNNING CLUB, the organizer of the event, announces some critical information for all participants:

- 15,000 runners are expected at the OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON.

- for runners between the ages of 0-18, registration is free;

- the Saturday race routes start and finish at Piața Constituției and run on Bd. Unirii to Piața Unirii;

- the Sunday race routes start from Libertății Boulevard (next to Izvor Park) and arrive at Constituției Square, and will run through the boulevards in the center and north of Bucharest (Calea Buzești, Piața Victoriei, Kisseleff Road, Calea Victoriei, Bd. Unirii, Bd. Decebal, Bd Basarabia;

- online registrations are open until Friday, May 12 - for Saturday races and until Saturday, May 13 - for Sunday races;

- registrations will also be available within SportExpo, within the limits of available places, in Piata Constituției, starting on Thursday, May 11;

- competition kits can be picked up at SportExpo, in Piata Constituției starting on Thursday, May 11;

- SportExpo is a popular destination for runners, sponsors and up to 20,000 visitors and sports enthusiasts. Located in Piata Constituției, it is the place where you can pick up your competition kit and meet important exhibitors from the fitness, well-being and running industry;

- For the first time in SportExpo, Eat & Meet will take place, the food and relaxation area for both runners and supporters;

- approximately 400 volunteers will be on the race routes (including at the start & finish points) on the days of the event;

- The route will have 8 entertainment points and 5 hydration points.

Bucharest Half Marathon 2023 in figures


- 4 sectors crossed

- 7 timing points

- 27 tourist attractions

- 24 pacemakers

- (approximately) 16,000 steps for the winner of the Bucharest Half Marathon

Hydrating and energizing

- 15 tons of fruit (bananas, oranges and apples)

- 120,000 recyclable water glasses

- 40,000 energizing recyclable glasses

- 45,000 bottles of 0.5 l still water

- 9,000 bottles of 2 l plain water


- 80 plastic dumpsters

- 80 housekeeping bins

- 40 paper/cardboard bins

- 65 cubic meters tons of garbage was produced during the event (estimated

-100 km of route demarcation tape made of biodegradable materials

-15,000 reusable bags and bags made of biodegradable material

Police, gendarmerie, security, medical, and fire services

- 1 command center

- 440 representatives of law enforcement (police, gendarmerie, local police)

- 12 SABIF ambulances

- 6 patrol cyclists with defibrillators

- 60 Red Cross volunteers in the last 5 km

- 20 directional referees on the route

The Bucharest OMV Petrom Half Marathon participants will also receive personalized photo albums this year. Albums are offered by OMV Petrom to all runners, regardless of whether they are children or adults. The albums can be downloaded from the event website or the RunRomania application (available for Android and iOS).

The routes for all races start in the center of Bucharest, in Piața Constituției. The maps are available on the website, but also in the RunRomania application (available for Android and iOS).

OMV Petrom Bucharest HALF MARATHON is a #RunInBucharest brand event organized by Bucharest RUNNING CLUB and is a full member of the International Association of Marathons and Road Running Races (AIMS), holds the World Athletics Label certification of the International Athletics Federation and is a race criterion d e qualification for the World Road Running Championships (October 1, 2023, Riga, Latvia).

About RunInBucharest

RunInBucharest is the organizer of the biggest street running competitions in Romania. Since 2008, Bucharest has been included in the international circuit of marathons, joining the other European capitals that annually host such competitions. All #RunInBucharest competitions are accredited and entered in the international calendar of AIMS (International Association of Marathons and Half Marathons) and World Athletics (International Athletics Federation). RunInBucharest has developed the model of associating running competitions with a social, humanitarian or ecological cause in Romania. Currently, there are over 30 partner causes of the events.

Getting to Bucharest

By Plane

There are currently two functional airports in Bucharest: Henri Coandă International Airport(originally “Otopeni”) and Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (initially “Băneasa”). Henri Coandă is the largest airport in Romania and the main center for the national operator TAROM. From here, daily flights depart and arrive from other cities in Romania as well as numerous other airports in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

By Train

Bucharest is the main railway hub of the national company Căile Ferate Române (CFR). The most important railway station is Gara de Nord, from where daily trains leave and arrive from various Romanian localities, as well as from European cities, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Belarus and others.

By Coach

Coach remains one of the most popular ways to travel to Bucharest. Local carriers provide a vast network of routes across Europe.

By Car

Bucharest is accessible via European routes E60, E70, E81 and E85. If you plan to travel to Bucharest by car. Izvor Park is located on the south bank of the Dâmbovița River and you have plenty of parking places.

Transport in Bucharest

Public Transport

Bucharest has the largest public transport network in Romania and among the largest public transport networks in Europe, as it serves more than 2 million inhabitants.

The public transport system in Bucharest is composed of the 77 km metro system and the surface transport network - buses (120 lines), trolleybuses (15 lines) and trams (24 lines).

Several express bus lines connect the airport to Bucharest’s city center. It’s slower than going by taxi, but it’s certainly the best option for those travelling on a budget. Express line 780 takes you to Gara de Nord, the main railway station. Line 783 goes to Unirii Square in the city centre with an approximate journey time of 40 – 60 minutes. Tickets are not available on the bus, so make sure you buy them at the booths just outside of the terminal buildings.

Taxis & Ridesharing

Ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt and Yango are well-established in Bucharest and represent a good alternative to taxis.

You can read more about public transport in Bucharest here.

Also, there are a lot of possibilities for e-mobility transport. From CityLink to Lime, you have many options to choose from. Read more about e-mobility options in Bucharest here.

Accommodation in Bucharest

Bucharest is a budget-friendly destination, with lots of affordable options. Many of the major international hotel chains have establishments in Bucharest, but there are plenty of independent, cheaper options, from hostels to pensions.

Before booking, be sure to read up on the accommodation’s policy. For a better experience, pay attention to the following:

  • Adding an extra guest to your accommodation may result in additional costs. Be sure to know the final number of people staying before you confirm your booking.
  • For smooth travel, be aware of your accommodation’s check-in and check-out policies.
  • Room prices may vary depending on city/VAT taxes. Extra bedding, towels, accommodation activities and facilities may also occur additional costs.
  • Double-check if your accommodation properties accept credit cards, require a deposit or an upfront payment.

The prices for Bucharest accommodation are (prices depend on the period in which the reservation is made, the number of days in advance, the events that take place) :

  • Hostels: from €7 / night
  • Hotels: from €40 / night
  • Apartments: from €30 / night
  • Luxury hotels: from €190 / night

Depending on your preferences, you will find accommodation in Bucharest for all pockets and for all tastes. Whether you want to stay near the airport or the stadium, or maybe you want to stay in the city center to enjoy the nightlife of Bucharest, you will find hotels that meet your needs. Just make the bookings in advance!

What to do in Bucharest

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