Caru' cu Bere

At the base of the identity of Caru' cu bere (The Cart with Beer) stands a history of over 130 years created by Mircea brothers. The founder Nicolae Mircea passed on to his heirs what is now one of the most successful restaurants in Bucharest, renowned among the foreign tourists as well, and a building classified as a historical monument.
Caru` cu bere is a place where you can enjoy the most delicious Romanian traditional food and enjoy a beer made from a unique, original recipe since 1879.
Currently, over 2,500 customers a day enjoy Romanian dishes and the famous homemade beer based on the unique recipe. Caru' cu bere is for many the first choice when looking for a restaurant in Old Town Bucharest where they can quench their hunger, thirst, and desire to socialize, whether we are talking about Bucharest or tourists from the country and abroad.

Strada Stavropoleos 5, București
Contact: 0726 282 373

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