Dianei 4

With a bohemian vibe, Dianei 4 sums up Bucharest’s spirit. Celebrating heritage while embracing the new and edgy, in a search for enduring quality and passion. Hosted in a 19th-century villa, it serves delicious hearty food from breakfast until dinner time and a well-curated selection of craft beers and fine wines. The menu is on a tablet with descriptions of each item and recommended pairings.

Oh, and after the sun goes down, they also serve up some tasty cocktails!

Dianei 4 is located in a large 19th-century house a short walk from Piata Universitatii and is quite gorgeous.
Perfect for larger groups looking for a cool place to hang out. The music is great too.

Strada Dianei NR 4
Contact: 0745 208 186

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