Either you’re in the mood for a Latte, a Cortado, or even a coffee lemonade, Frudisiac has everything a coffee lover would dream of.

Directly from Stockholm, mildly roasted and packaged at Drop Coffee, the coffee arrives here just a few days after roasting. It generally works with three or four origins and follows the strictest coffee brewing rules. Mathematics and chemistry for the most balanced extraction. Apart from the classic espresso, you can't miss the Nordic's favorite coffee (the filtered coffee) which keeps more of its caffeine content and the fruity aromas or chocolates of the coffee bean.

The details really make a difference here, so the alternative to classic milk is homemade almond milk. In such conditions, it is not at all difficult to become part of the community of coffee drinkers already formed here.

Intrarea Bitolia 4
Contact: +40212310411

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