Herastrau Park

The capital of the country is not only a city that impresses with architecture and history but also one in which you will be able to enjoy outdoor walks in the most beautiful parks. Of these, the most popular park is Herastrau, built on the lake by the same name, in 1936. It is not only the largest park in the Capital city of Romania but also the largest park located inside a city in Europe.

King Michael I Park of Romania, or Herastrau Park (the name used by the locals) is considered the most spectacular and the most visited park in Bucharest.
Quite simply, this glorious park, spread over 187 hectares around Herastrau lake, is one of the jewels in Bucharest’s crown, which might explain why so many locals spend their summer Sunday afternoons here. Still, Herastrau is so big that it never gives the impression of being crowded, and even on the busiest days, you will always be able to find a quiet, shady corner somewhere.
There is a lot of things to do in Herastrau. The park has two main entrances, although by far the most elegant is that which borders Piata Charles de Gaulle. It is also conveniently located close to Aviatorilor subway station. The other entrance, at the far end of Soseaua Kisellef, opposite Casa Scanteii, is better for those coming by car as there are some (but not a lot) parking spaces available.

The King Mihai I Park is both the ideal place for a romantic meeting, where you have so many interesting possibilities for fun, that you will not know what to choose first, but also the perfect area for relaxing walks or various attractive activities! The King Mihai I Park includes a myriad of reasons (romantic, childhood, fun or sports) and, in a hasty and hectic Bucharest, we surely find moments of peace in this place, both for the big ones and for the little ones!

You can spend a whole day in Herastrau Park, surrounded by nature and you will not get bored. You will be able to rent a boat and sail away on the lake or a hydro-bicycle to glide on the waters, but also you can pay a visit to the Herastrau Aquarium. In addition, you will be impressed by the unique way in which the clear water of Lake Herastrau reflects the Press House and the Sky Tower at sunset, two of the tallest buildings in its vicinity. You will also be able to walk through the Japanese Garden, which houses some of the most beautiful specimens in the park, such as cherry blossoms and Japanese acacia with weeping branches.

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