Memorial of Rebirth

The Memorial of Rebirth is located between the Senate Palace (former headquarters of the Central Committee) and the Royal Palace (today the Art Museum of Romania). The name was chosen to emphasize the importance of the 1989 revolution in Romania's history. The memorial, designed by Alexandru Ghilduş, features as its centerpiece a 25-meter-high marble pillar reaching up to the sky, upon which a metal "crown" was placed.

This monument is controversial and misunderstood by Bucharestians. They associate it with a thorn or a potato or any other symbols associated with the Communist period.
As you can see, the Memorial of Rebirth is a white marble pillar that represents the Romanian people. The black spot represents the Communist period. The Romanian people manage to "break through the dark period" and move on.
At the base of the pyramid, you can find a wooden cross. The wood has different sizes in order to symbolize different ages of the people who died during the 1989 Revolution. Their names are written on the two panels located in front of the pyramid.
The Memorial of Rebirth can be found in Revolution Square and it reminds us that Romanians are a people who will always fight for their freedom.

Revolution Square, Bucharest

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