NOR Sky - a restaurant above Bucharest

NOR Sky is a restaurant with a fantastic view over Bucharest. Located at 136 meters, NOR Sky is a reference restaurant in Bucharest. NOR Sky is located on the 36th floor in the Sky Tower building. From that restaurant, you can identify the essential points of the capital, from Baneasa to Berceni. It is the highest point in Bucharest from where you can dine. Just imagine eating with such a view! Anyone would be delighted to be at that point where they can see the beautiful city. The restaurant's panorama is breathtaking, so you won't regret the reservation you made. Everything will be as you expected it to be: from the interior design to the tasty food. Nothing could disappoint you.

Str. Barbu Văcărescu 201, București
Contact: 031 005 6056

NOR Sky - Bucharest attraction

NOR Sky is a Bucharest attraction. Everyone would love to have dinner in this amazing place in the clouds. Smart Casual Times is the newspaper that tells the restaurant's voice. NOR newspaper is produced four times a year, with approximately 66.000 people reading each edition.
A young lady will lead you to the elevator that will take you to the famous restaurant. Up to the 36th floor, you will feel as if you were climbing a mountain, as your ears may become clogged from the pressure. Once in the restaurant, one member from the staff will be taken to your table and if you are lucky enough you will have a meal first. This way, you will have the fantastic view you have always heard of. NOR Sky Casual Restaurant is quite large, probably covering up the whole level. One section is more beautiful, with really comfy red leather sofas, and the other has basic tables and chairs. NOR also has a smoking area, so you don't have to descend 36 levels to indulge in your vice. It's a few square meters with 2-3 high tables where you may take snapshots whenever you want without disturbing the other customers.

An unforgettable dessert - one cloud above the chocolate nest

A mouth-watering weather show with three chocolate textures, under a cloud of cotton candy – the perfect dessert for your taste buds. This sweet symphony will be something to your liking. NOR Sky is famous for this dessert, so you definitely must try it if you happen to be there.
You can choose other desserts like "Papanashi" that made us famous, Cheesecake "The forbidden fruit", Pavlova with forest fruit or Gelato delicato. Anything you would choose will be a great one.

Conclusion - Why you should choose NOR Sky your next destination

NOR Sky is definitely the most impressive restaurant in Bucharest. It is situated at 136 m, so the view is breathtaking. It's something you can't compete with. Many people choose to have a business dinner in this location because near the restaurant is a building office. Of course, your partner would love you for bringing her to this romantic spot. Also, the food, beverages, and desserts are fantastic. You can choose between Romanian food and international cuisine. The staff is prompt and attentive so you can stay relaxed that will meal will come on time.
NOR Sky Casual Restaurant is a must-try, and you will definitely want to come back!

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