One day trip to Sibiu

Corvin Castle

A visit to Transylvania is not complete without a stay in Sibiu, one of the seven fortified citadels built by the Transylvanian Saxons back in the Medieval Ages.
One of the first things people notice when visiting Sibiu is its medieval charm. Its towers, stairs, and narrow passages in the medieval center, combined with the colorful houses, fortified churches, and centuries-old buildings give visitors the sense of going back in time while still enjoying all the advantages of the present.
Although a medium-sized city, Sibiu is home to many tourist attractions. Take, for example, the Great Square (Piata Mare), where visitors can find the Brukenthal Palacehome to one of Romania’s most important art collections, and the Roman-Catholic Church. But there are two other beautiful squares in Sibiu, namely the Small Square (Piata Mica), which is linked to the Great Square by a passage beneath the Council Tower – the best spot for taking pictures in Sibiu, and the Huet Square, which has the Evangelical Cathedral right in the center. From the open space of the Large Square to the narrow streets of the Lower Town, you will certainly find this area of Sibiu fascinating. The squares of the old city are hard to miss. They bring together most of the historical monuments from the old part of Sibiu and they are fully packed with cafes and restaurants, making them a popular attraction for tourists.
Visitors have many attractions to discover in this Transylvanian city and plenty of events to choose from throughout the year. From this point on, you’ll have to explore and. One of the most interesting things to do while in Sibiu is to discover the Sibiu Old Town by yourself. Venture on lesser populated streets, admire the beautifully preserved houses, and don’t be afraid to see or ask what the locals do – they are very friendly! There are many hidden spots, narrow alleys and little gems to be found and that’s the authentic feeling of Sibiu Old Town.

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