Stavropoleos Church

This small church was built by a Greek monk, called Ioanichie. He was a Greek businessman from the 18th century. Ioanichie was the owner of an inn located in the city center. In order to thank God for his inn, he decided to raise this little church. More than this, Ioanichie himself decided to become a monk and, after that, abbot in a monastery from Bulgarian city Stavropoleos. The meaning of Stavropoleos, in Greek, is The City of the Cross. Stavropoleos Monastery is surrounded by tall buildings, is located behind the National History Museum. Once you get there, you will immediately recognize various influences representative of the Brâncovenesc style. The inner yard bears the signature of the architect Ion Mincu.
The church of Stravopoleos draws attention through its imposing stone columns, through the special pedestals, and due to the craftsmanship of the sculptures made with plant motifs. They express a certain Baroque sensibility and oriental influences. The breadth of the interior paintings and the special character of the icons immediately attract the attention of tourists who are in fact looking at some of the most sacred spiritual and theological symbols around the Christian world.
Today, the church and the monastery of Stavropoleos are very well maintained and very loved by local people and tourists, as well. Here is a monastery of 12 nuns which are very well prepared. These nuns are speaking fluently five or six foreign languages, have higher education and doctorates at prestigious universities and their occupation is book restoration for the Vatican.
Enjoy the silence of this architectural beauty and recharge your battery for the Old Town Tour!

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