The King's Square

The King's Square, located at the intersection of Kiseleff Road and Ion Mincu Street, is a tribute to King Michael I of Romania.

The place for the monument dedicated to the king was chosen here because here is also the house where King Mihai lived with his mother, Queen Elena, until the age of 12 - Kiseleff Palace.

The event was attended by Mayor General, Sorin Oprescu, and His Majesty King Mihai, Princess Margareta, Prince Radu, and Prince Nicolae, academician Dinu C. Giurascu, commander and rector of Carol I University, Teodor Frunzeti, as well as other prominent personalities of public life from Romania.

After the singing of the national hymn and the Royal hymn, the bronze bust of King Michael I was unveiled. The general mayor said the following words, a tribute to the King and the Royal family of Romania: "Bucharest, a city dear to my heart, which I have the honor to manage by the will of the citizens of the city, has, starting today, a new beautiful, civilized public space, which will bring it joy in everyday life. Thank you to the General Council who was with me in designing and approving this project. The central symbol of the square, the effigy of Her Majesty, ennobles through historical symbol, but also artistic, the place where we are. Sire, it gives me great pleasure and honor to wish you: Happy Birthday, a long and peaceful life among the people who love you! May God live normal times in a normal country and world, let us enjoy together the joys of life!".

So we too, today, enjoy the beauties of life, the beauty of this space, all the material, moral and cultural heritage that the Royalty has offered us.

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