Mausoleum or The Monument of the Nation's Heroes

The Monument of the Nation's Heroes rises on the hill of Carol Park. The Mausoleum was inaugurated in 1963, at that time having the name of "the Monument of the heroes of the fight for the freedom of the people and the homeland, for socialism". The necropolis was built of black and red granite brought from Sweden. The inner vault is made of mosaic and gold leaf from Italy. The interior was to be the eternal place of three of the most remarkable members of the communist party in Romania: Gheorghe Gh. Dej, C.I. Parhon and Petru Groza. In the semicircle around the monument were crypts with the remains of several militants for the cause of the working social class, for socialism.
Today, inside the Mausoleum, there are projected fragments of the history of the War of Independence, the First and Second World Wars. Into the middle of it, instead of the coffin of the communist leader Gheorghe Gh. Dej, you can see a statue of King Ferdinand and the goddess Nike.
You can visit the Mausoleum during some events only. For example, the monument is opened to the public during Heroes Day, celebrated every year of the Ascension, and during the Army Day, celebrated every year on the 25th of October.

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