The Scientists' House

Built in 1906, the house was inhabited by brothers Gheorghe and Vasile Assan, the owners of the famous steamed mills of that time, founded by their father who monopolized the country's flour production for a while. Brazil G. Assan was the first Romanian to make a trip around the world.
Built according to the plans of the architect Ion D. Berindei, the Assan House is a jewel of the French neoclassical style. Beauty and elegance were not spoiled over time but on the contrary.
Since 1945, the building enters the patrimony of the Romanian Academy and becomes the Scientists' House. The Scientists House has majestic rooms with meaningful names: Mirrors and Chandeliers Room, Chess Room, Zodiac Room, or the Council Room.
Today, the house has a special charm. Elegant interiors, enchanting stained glass windows, armchairs upholstered in silk or upholstered in Cordoba leather and the paneled walls remind you of Bucharest's old buildings.

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