Table of Silence
This Saturday and Sunday, the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace turns into a place that connects the work and activity of Constantin Brâncuși and contemporaries who love the artist’s creation. The anniversary exhibition and tributes will be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 18-19, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. An anniversary exhibition that brings together symbolic works
JCI Bucharest Team
Junior Chamber International (JCI) Bucharest and JCI Romania are proud to announce its European Leadership Conference in Bucharest, Romania, from May 24th to 27th, 2023. This year’s event will be a dynamic and exciting gathering of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from Europe and beyond. Under the “New era. New Business” tagline, the conference will
Municipal Library in Bucharest
Bucharest is an enchanting city full of culture and history that is even more beautiful in the spring! With its blooming gardens, lush parks, and vibrant streets, Bucharest in springtime is the perfect destination for any traveller looking for a unique and unforgettable experience. From admiring the city’s stunning architecture to exploring its local attractions,
Boutique art ideas
The season that celebrates love has opened, giving rise to the search for the perfect gifts for loved ones. Valentine’s in Bucharest allows you to state your feelings creatively. An original gift, accompanied by a story on which no dust will settle, but only joy, can be found at Art Addict – Dependent de Artă,
Journey into the world of Meji Stamps
Starting from February 11, ARCUB – Cultural Center of the City of Bucharest presents the exhibition „Journey to the world of Meiji stamps” which reconstructs the universe of Japanese culture from the end of the 19th century through over 150 traditional Japanese woodcuts from the George Şerban private collection. The exhibition is curated by Dr.
Bucharest - picture in front of the Bucharest Athenaeum
Bucharest remains the top destination for international travellers in Romania. This is the finding of Google Destination Insights. The tool offers insights regarding searches related to domestic and international travel destinations. It also offers statistics for countries and cities. According to 2022 statistics, Bucharest is the city of choice for international travellers coming to Romania.
Romanian Athenaeum in winter
The first snow of the season falls over Bucharest. It started on Friday night and continued throughout Saturday. Meteo guys say it will snow until Sunday morning, but who knows for sure? It’s not the heaviest snow, but still, people and kids enjoy the first snow this January. Not enough to cover the streets in
Carriage clock
Historical exhibition at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace in Bucharest on the occasion of the 164th anniversary of the historical act of the Union of the Romanian Principalities of January 24, 1859, which put the new state of Romania on the political-administrative map of Europe. For the first time, Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s hunting rifle and Mihail Kogălniceanu’s
Salvador Dali artwork
Are you one of many Salvador Dali art fans visiting Bucharest in January? Then, this might be your chance to immerse and be transposed in his world. One of the largest collections of lithographs signed by Salvador Dali will be auctioned at the end of January at the A10 by Artmark Auction House, located in
Urban Culture Days
On the occasion of National Culture Day, ARCUB – the Gabroveni Inn becomes the hub of contemporary artists of Bucharest who present, between 13 and 15 January, the newest and most innovative interdisciplinary projects, visual art, film and music within the second edition of the Urban Culture Days project at ARCUB. Initiated last year as
Bucharest New Year 2023 Party
Regarding this year’s New Year’s Eve party, Bucharest isn’t generous with its locals and tourists. Unfortunately for the party-goers, there is only one event organized in Bucharest: Titan Park New Year’s Eve Party. Party starts at 20.00 local time. The access is free, and those who attend will be thrilled by fireworks, live concerts and
Romanian kids
Bucharest celebrated the most beautiful time of the year with a marathon of Christmas carols, with thousands of turns in the panoramic wheel and carousel, hundreds of ice dances at the ice rink and as many sweet cakes, gifts and souvenirs bought from artisans from all corners of the country at the Bucharest Christmas Market
The oldest cafe in Bucharest
The oldest Cafe in Bucharest envelops the capital with its unmistakable aroma of coffee, well-known since the time of the great poets and immortal artworks. How so? Have you ever heard of the national poet of Romania, Mihai Eminescu or the playwright Ion Luca Caragiale or King Carol II? Well, you should know that all
Dancers on stage
Bucharest residents and international tourists travelling to Romania’s capital city celebrate Christmas with five days of live concerts at the Bucharest Christmas Market. Between December 22 and 26, famous local singers, such as Mircea Baniciu, 2 Gents, Paula Seling, Iana Novac, Narcisa Suciu and Nicu Alifantis are just a few of the artists who will
Aqua Olimpia Artur Gyrcuk
Lights On, the international festival of light installations, arrives in Bucharest on Friday, December 9, in the area of sector 2, for the second edition in the Romanian capital. Nine works by artists from Poland, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Romania will be exhibited in well-known and lesser-known areas from December 9 to 18.
Bucharest at night
IMPORTANT: public locations haven’t been announced where residents and tourists can spend New Year’s Eve in Bucharest. Yet, we will update this post so you can be informed about it in due time. Not everybody chooses to spend New Year’s Eve in the mountains or abroad – some of us want to spend the holidays
Romanian flag
Happen to be in Bucharest these days? Then, it’s an opportunity for you to witness the grand military parade to be organized on December the 1st when Romania celebrates its National Day. More than 1,500 soldiers and specialists of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Romanian Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service
Winter in Bucharest
Bucharest in winter is a destination itself. It’s still Bucharest, but the city changes in winter. It’s not only the cold temperatures you must be prepared for but also the unique attractions the city welcomes tourists with during the season. Bucharest is one of the best cities to be visited during the winter because the

Bucharest Flea Market

Bucharest events
On the occasion of the Days of Sinti and Roma Culture in Bucharest, Dotschy Reinhardt, Sinteza – a descendant of the great jazz legend Django Reinhardt, is coming on Saturday, November 12, 2022, at ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn for a gypsy jazz concert, with the French guitarist Christian Escoudé and the Romanian violinist Florin Niculescu.
Affectionate Bucharest
Through the support of the Culture, Education, and Tourism Directories of the Municipality of Bucharest, the City Hall of the Capital launched through ARCUB, on 18 May 2022, the financing program for the creative sector in Bucharest. The program is entitled ”Affectionate Bucharest”, and the concept behind lies in the provision of funds for initiatives
The leading source of credit ratings, analysis, and research for international capital markets, Fitch Ratings, affirmed the Bucharest investment ranking at BBB-. A middle-class firm with a „BBB-” rating is currently satisfactory and has a sufficient payment capability, which denotes that the danger of default is currently low. Bucharest receiving this ranking points towards the
Art Exhibition HS
Are you passionate about theatre and anything that has to do with arts related to and emerging from it? If yes, this is a perfect occasion to experience a taste of a unique mixture of abstract, biographical, scenographic, and drawing arts. The Helmut Strümer exhibition will take place between 7 to 29 November 2022, and
The period before the winter holiday and celebrations season brings along a lot of renowned cultural and artistic events in the capital city, which are dearly beloved by the locals. One such event is the Bucharest National Theater Festival (NTF) edition 32, entitled ”Fragile Boundaries Fluid Histories”, which will take place from 5 to 13
Best Cafes in Bucharest
If you’re searching for the best cafes in Bucharest, you’re in for a treat. As ardent coffee researchers, we’ve scoured the charming streets of Bucharest to unearth the hidden gems that house the most exceptional brews. Coffee time is maybe the most exciting part of the day, but we perceive it as a ritual. Staring
Outline Festival
If you love street art, architecture murals, and last but not least, walking and leisurely stroll around the town, this festival is perfect for you. Not only that you will be able to explore the city and discover wonderful places, from aesthetic coffee places, to preserved heritage old houses and wonderful parks, but you will
Romanian Danube
As ValahiaNews shared the news, the Bucharest canal project connecting to the Black Sea and the Constanța port via the Danube will be resumed. The project started in 1986 under the regime of Ceausescu but was halted in 1989 after the great Romanian Revolution. It was only until this current year that the Ministry of
Unique exhibition in Bucharest
The Polish Institute in Bucharest and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bucharest, in partnership with the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant and with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Romania, are waiting for you on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, from 18.00, at the Media Hall, at the opening of
Save the date! Spotlight festival is returning for its 6th edition this October after the long settled pause of the pandemic. The Bucharest International Light Festival will take place between the 14th and 16th, in the usual area between the Romanian Athenaeum and the National Military Circle, along Calea Victoriei. This is the perfect place,
The InCotroceni Association came back with a new autumn edition of the InCotroceni Bazaar the past weekend from the first until the second of October. The association has the scope of helping the Cotroceni community to thrive, being one of the most historic and beautiful neighbourhoods in Bucharest. This is done through activities and events
Bucharest on the sky
The RiseUP group introduced in the past weekend from the 30th of September until the 2nd of October, a successful urban event dedicated to families. The event was entitled ‘’Bucharest on the sky,’’ pointing to the main attraction of the evening, specifically riding hot air balloons on the beautiful island of lake Morii. Besides the
Vintage cars in Bucharest
The Baneasa Airport will host the second edition of the „City’s Socialist Automobiles” exhibition on Saturday, October 1, from 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. The exhibition will feature vehicles once operational in Bucharest during the 1950s and 1980s. Automobiles that existed in Bucharest in the 1950s-1980s and their stories come together in an exceptional exhibition
Bucharest monuments - arch of triumph
The famous monument in Bucharest, the Arch of Triumph, will close soon. Interested tourists can still see the exceptional panorama from the top of the monument until October 16. According to Bucharest’s general mayor, Nicusor Dan, the Arch of Triumph is open every Saturday and Sunday, between 12:00 and 20:00, until October 16. Bucharest residents

Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

Bucharest events
Bucharest presents Romanian Jewelry Week 2022, an event dedicated to Romanian designers to the delight of all jewelry lovers. Romanian Jewelry Week 2022 will showcase 190 modern jewelry designers, 9 group shows, and six cultural venues in Bucharest. Therefore, the event has a certain artistic weight for those passionate about the beauty of jewelry and
Romanian Village Museum
Romanian Village Day is exceptional for everything that it means Romanian traditions, culture and history. The National Village Museum of Dimitri Gusti from Bucharest hosts the Day of Romanian Village celebration on Sunday, September 25, where everybody is expected. If you are in Bucharest this weekend, you should go to the Village Museum to learn
Asia Fest 2023 Bucharest
Asia Fest, an event celebrating Oriental customs and culture, is returning to Bucharest in a new form. During the festival, you will have the opportunity to explore the hues of Asia, the delectable flavours of the cuisine, the perfume of spices, fashion models, and traditional songs in the National Arena between September 22 and 24.
Bucharest events
Romanian-origin artist, Anca Seel Constantin, is presenting a new exhibition of her artworks in Bucharest, entitled ”Geography of Words”. The collection represents a journey of knowledge through the colours and shapes of the artist’s works of art in Bucharest. After exhibiting at the Graphics Salon and the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, at Gallery
Bucharest Events
Bucharest Jazz Festival celebrated Bucharest’s Anniversary with three days of live concerts, which delighted the spectators of the festival. As part of the „Bucharest Days” anniversary program, the ninth edition of the Bucharest Jazz Festival celebrated the city to the rhythms of Romanian jazz alongside the capital’s residents and artists. Between September 16 and 18,
Bucharest Events
The White Night of Galleries returns with the 16th edition in Bucharest and the 6th national edition for a unique cultural experience. From September 30 to October 2, everyone is invited to discover the route of the most surprising cultural places. This year’s edition of the event Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor / NAG Bucharest (White
Bucharest events
Bucharest Days, also known as the city’s anniversary, is anticipated in September and will feature various fun events and activities for the capital’s citizens. The Bucharest Days event, which runs from September 16–18, is organized by Capital City Hall through ARCUB. The following events are scheduled to take place: the Bucharest Jazz Festival (16-18 September,
Bucharest events
The Bucharest International Poetry Festival (FIPB), which will feature public readings, cinema screenings, art exhibitions, recitals, theatre productions, concerts, performances, and experimental digital art programs, will hold its 12th annual edition between September 12 to September 18. Poets from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, UK, the Republic of Moldova, Peru, Poland,
Peasant Museum
The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant will host the 10th Peasant Museum Days, which will feature new exhibitions, a festival of tales from the Via Transilvanica, a hiking trail, book launches, workshops, an icon fair, and movie screenings. The Peasant Museum and the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History in Chisinau, with the
Spanish Film Festival
The Embassy of Spain in Bucharest and the Museum of the Municipality of Bucharest invite the public to the 3rd edition of the Spanish Film Festival in Bucharest, a series comprising three Spanish films, representative of Iberian cinema. The three films have Romanian subtitles and can be watched between September 8 and 10, 2023, starting
Street art in Bucharest
The Artistic Explorations of Public Space project introduces a series of five urban art workshops, five guided tours, an open call, an artistic intervention co-produced by two artists from different fields (visual art and music), and an exhibition, all of which are free of charge, intending to promote the understanding and exploration of public spaces
Bucharest events
If you are an aviation enthusiast, don’t miss the Bucharest International Air Show this September. The 12th edition of Bucharest International Aviation Show & General Aviation Exhibition (BIAS), the largest air show in Romania, will take place at Bucharest Băneasa-Aurel Vlaicu International Airport and ROMAERO on Saturday, September 4, 2022 On Sunday, September 4, the
Bucharest events
The exhibition „Weaving the world. Romanian folk rugs from the heritage of the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History in Chisinau and the Romanian Peasant National Museum” will open on September 8 at 5 pm. at the ‘Tancred Banateanu‘ Hall of the Romanian Peasant Museum. The exhibition, organized with the support of the Embassy
Bucharest events
The motorsport event you didn’t realize you needed until now is Red Bull Racing Show Run. If you’ve only watched the races on television or online, you now have the chance to experience the force of a Formula 1 car firsthand. As announced on the event page, In a one-of-a-kind performance in Romania, an RB7
Bucharest Tips
What would you say if I told you that you could see the museums in Bucharest for free? Well, find out that it is possible and here’s the list of museums you can visit for free with some tips. The truth is that for most museums, you will have to pay an entrance fee, the
Bucharest events
Bucharest joins the L’Étape by Tour de France circuit, which will host 1,200 professional and amateur riders. Little Paris, as the capital of Romania was called, will host one of the most popular cycling tours in the world on August 28. Romania is the 20th nation to sign up for the Tour de France’s L’Étape,
Bucharest events
This year marks the tenth year of East European Comic Con, the largest convention for fans of television shows, movies, video games, comic books, and other media. The event will occur in Bucharest’s Romexpo complex between August 26 and 28. Over the years, East European Comic Con has provided fans with the opportunity to interact